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Psychotherapy Services for Life's Little Challenges and Overwhelming Experiences


If you're on this page then it means you're thinking of starting therapy.  There are a lot of reasons to come to therapy and I wonder what yours might be.  Maybe you’re coming to therapy to improve your self awareness, insight, and understanding.  Maybe you’re coming to therapy to improve your coping skills, coping mechanisms, and support system.  Maybe you're coming to work with the past or maybe you are coming to work with the present.  Maybe you're coming to change or to grow.  Maybe you don’t know why you are coming but you know that you need to come.  Maybe you are coming to heal.  Whatever your reasons are, I am ready to meet you where you are at with a caring, compassionate, and empowering approach to therapy that acknowledges the systemic nature of oppression and how that can impact mental health. 

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