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With a trauma informed approach, I work to develop a therapeutic relationship built on mutual trust, respect, and understanding.   I know that for many of you this relationship requires an anti-oppression practice that is identity affirming and empowering for whoever you are and whoever you might become and I am committed to that practice.  You’ve been yourself your whole life and you probably know what works for you and what doesn’t. I want therapy to be something that works for you.

I specialize in trauma and have substantial experience working with people who are impacted by stress, depression, anxiety, addiction, avoidant behavior, isolation, control issues, boundary issues, relationship issues, abusive relationships, systemic oppression (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, anti sematism, classism), internalized oppression, and disassociation.  There are a variety of techniques and modalities I utilize based on who you are and what are your reasons for entering into therapy.  These include Relational Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Psychodynamic Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Parts Work, IFS, CBT, and Harm Reduction.  If your spirituality is important to you, I’m trained and experienced incorporating people’s spiritual experiences and beliefs into therapy.    

I will tailor our sessions to who you are and what you need so that our time together encourages personal growth, healing, and positive changes that ripple out across your life. 

Image by Carl Solder


I started this practice to give each individual I work with the time, attention, and compassion they deserve.  We don’t live in a healthy society and most of us aren’t taught how to take care of our mental health.  For many people even admitting they might benefit from therapy can be a challenge and once they do there can be a lot of challenges to accessing therapy.  I am building this practice to be an accessible, safe, and welcoming place.  A place where people who have been overwhelmed by something and/or someone can get the help they need to unlearn some of the unhealthy ways they were taught to deal with things and learn healthier ways of meeting life’s little challenges and overwhelming experiences.  I hope if you decide to work with me you’ll understand that while the therapy might be one on one, the work we do benefits us all.  

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who has over eight years of experience working as a psychotherapist in a variety of settings with people from all walks of life here in New York, including people who identify as LGBTQIA.  In addition to my private practice, I have worked as a psychotherapist at a non-profit alternative to incarceration program and a non-profit community health center specializing in treating people with HIV/AIDS.  I graduated with a Master of Social Work degree from the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College.  Since graduating my education has continued with a focus on trauma, anti-oppression work, and spirituality.

As a therapist I do not disclose personal information unless it is a necessary part of the therapeutic process.  At the same time as part of my anti-oppression practice it is important to acknowledge my professional identity includes my race and gender.  I present as a white man and I am always ready and open to discussing how these aspects of my identity and the systems that created them might impact you and/or impact the therapeutic process.  I also identify as cis-gendered and heterosexual and I am also always open to discussing these and other aspects of my identity if it would be an important part of the therapeutic process.    

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